How do i login in the system
Click Here to login.
Enter the username and password.


If a stolen vehicle’s power battery has been removed, how is it tracked then?
The units backup battery has a life span of up to 3 days in an event where the power battery is removed.


What happens when my car is parked in a basement? Can you still get a signal?
No, but the unit will pick the last position of the vehicle.  Once the vehicle re enters an area of coverage all data from the compact-fleet gadget is uploaded to the system, hence you do not loose out on monitoring where the vehicle has been.


If a vehicle gets an accident and no replacement car available, and was paid for full year, what happens to the payment?
It is put on hold till a replacement vehicle is brought in for installation.


If a vehicle is involved in an accident, can a report be replayed?
Yes, the ndovu online service has the movement report which is accessible by the client which can be viewed by our ‘tracing’ module.


Can an sms be sent to the client if a vehicle is being misused aggressively?
Yes, this can be done at an extra cost.


Is a unit transferable?
Yes, the re-installation is done at an extra cost. In this event our installation team will have to remove the unit and re-install it in the vehicle where it is being transferred to.


Can the unit be fitted into any vehicle?


How do i know that my tracer unit is in order and fully operational?
For online clients they monitor it online, for offline clients they can call the control room up to 10 times a month for vehicle positioning information at no cost


Can i see where my vehicle has been over the last few days and get reports giving me this information?
For online clients, reports are accessible at all times.  Our mapping displays routes taken by vehicles on the system, simply select the times you wish the report to include and a graphical image will be produced for the entire journey, you can generate reports for vehicles up to 6 months  back.  


For how long is my contract with tracer?
It is an annual renewable contract which can be renewed every year depending on the client 


Will my monthly rate increase each time my vehicle is stolen?
No, the monthly rate remains the same as we include these costs in our monthly charges.


Is there a recovery fee?
No, the recovery is included in the monthly subscription.  


What happens when i sell my vehicle?
You can either transfer the unit into your new car or sell it to the new owner of your car.


What is GPS?
The global positioning system (gps) is the only fully-functional satellite navigation system.  A constellation of more then two dozen gps satellite broadcasts precise timing signals by radio, allowing any gps receiver to accurately determine its location (longitude  and latitude), in any weather, day or night, anywhere on earth. GPS has become a vital global utility, indispensable for modern navigation on land, sea, and air around the world, as well as an important tool for map-making and land surveying.   Gps receivers can also gauge altitude and speed with a very high degree of accuracy.  


What if i am outside gsm/ gprs coverage area?
The unit will store data of upto 2500 points into the memory of the compact fleet.  Once the unit is connected to network coverage it will upload the data onto our systems for you to access.  


Do i need a separate server?
All the information is held and managed on secure  servers, so all you need is access to our web site using a web browser.  Access to the mapping system can be gained from any internet ready pc using your secure login. No additional software is required.  


How accurate is it?
Compact fleet is very accurate as it uses the global positioning system (gps) network which normally reports the vehicle position within a few metres.  Mapping allows you to zoom in and out


Who installs the equipment in the vehicles?
Unlike many other tracking companies we have our own team of employed installation engineers ensuring a quality install every time.


Why do i need tracking?
Tracking helps businesses keep control of their expensive assets, namely people, vehicles and cargos.  By monitoring the precise location of vehicles you can determine which is the most suitable vehicle to allocate to a job, saving unnecessary miles and the associated fuel, servicing costs, hours and overtime. Through detailed reporting you’ll know exactly how your vehicles are being utilised and hours worked.  


How frequently does the gadget update/refresh?
A compact fleet device updates the network every 60 seconds as standard (every 1 hour when ignition is switched off), although this can be more frequent if required.  The map therefore, displays a near real-time picture where all your vehicles are at any point in time.


What kind of reports can the system generate?
Reports are set up by you to give you the right information for your business.  The data usually examined in the reports includes vehicle start time, end time, total hours driven, idle time, parked time ,distance driven, speed, date, time and road details. 


How frequently can i receive reports?
Reports can be generated as often as you like.  You can simply set up the parameters in the easy to use report wizard to produce schedule reports in a pdf or excel format.  These will then be automatically emailed to you according to the schedule you have selected.  


Can i get an immediate alert every time driver leave / arrive home or sites without having to receive reports?
Yes, geo-fencing in and out provides you with this feature. You can set alerts to notify you when vehicles either enter or leave certain geographic locations, for example when a driver reaches a point 2 miles away from the depot to make sure the next load is ready to leave or if a driver takes unscheduled trips home for lunch!


Can i see what route they took?
Yes, mapping displays a ‘tracing’ of routes taken by vehicles on the system, simply select the times you wish the report to include and a graphical image will be produced for the entire journey.


Can i see how long they stopped/idled for at a particular time/place?
Yes, reports can be generated to provide you with information such as vehicle ignition status, idle time, speed etc.