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  • Carjacking & Vehicle Accessories Stolen

    On 3rd August at 2241hrs the transport manager for one of the core clients of Tracer Ltd called the control centre reporting that one of their vehicles (Toyota Fielder) had been crajcked. The manager further stated  that the vehicle was carjacked at Mwamuto while dropping one of their clients. The control centre upon receiving the call advised the client as a first procedure to make an official report at the nearest police station. In this case being Gigiri Police Station. ...

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  • Truck Stolen & Impound of Goods in Eldoret

    On 25/12/2012 at about 1430hrs Tracer Control Centre received a call from one of the clients informing that the vehicle had been stolen from the driver while in Eldoret town en route to Mombasa loaded with bags of tea. As a default procedure the client is always advised to make a report to the nearest police station. As controlled checked on the vehicle location, vehicle location was eldoret therefore client had to report to eldoret police station as the tracking team gets dispatched. The ...

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  • Vehicle Stolen From Residence

    Tracer Control Room while monitoring noted that there was a vehicle moving at very high speed along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on 12/05/2014 at 0335 hours. Control room monitored the vehicle for a few minutes and then suspected it to be suspicious as it diverted off the main highway and joined the Mahi Mahiu road. Immediatelty they called the client, upon calling the client he said he had given the vehicle on hire and was not aware the ...

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  • Stolen Motor Vehicle

    At around 0647hrs on 22/6/2014, Tracer Control Room received a call from one of its clients reporting their vehicle had been stolen while under the custody of his driver. The vehicle was stolen from the driver while parked in Buruburu. Client was immediately advised to report the same to Buruburu Police Station. While the client was making the report the control center began with the tracking procedures and Tracer personnel were deployed. The vehicle ...

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