Why you need Tracer

Peace of mind

Knowing your vehicle is safe is a great feeling, particularly at a time when there is so much more to worry about for all of us. Ever rising vehicle theft instances in Kenya pose a constant threat to vehicle owner’s piece of mind. The best way to feel secure about your vehicle is to ensure that it is safe and protected at all times, even while you are asleep.



Vehicle thefts are often known to end in violent incidents. Both you and your family need to be protected from such incidents. Only a vehicle security system backed up by security features and its own mobile tracking force can ensure that you and your family come out safe and secure from such emergency situations.


Avoid Loss of Vehicle

Losing your vehicle to thieves means a great loss of property since 95% of stolen and lost vehicles are not recovered in Kenya. A sound vehicle security system protects you from this major loss of property and financial setback.


Well maintained Vehicle Condition

Stolen vehicles are rarely recovered in their actual condition. It is quite usual for vehicles to be badly abused and torn apart when recovered. TRACER is a security system that ensures your vehicle’s safe return within a matter of minutes in its actual condition saving you damage and repair costs of the vehicle.


Freedom from Reinsurance Hassles

Even when a vehicle is insured, considerable hassles and losses are incurred before it is recovered or a new vehicle is purchased. A few of these problems may seem familiar to you
– Depreciation deduction from insurance
– Loss of paid premium, registration fees, tax etc
– Loss due to increase in vehicle prices when repurchased
– Increased insurance premium in the future
– Payments cleared from insurance are received after 30-120 days
– With TRACER’s quick vehicle recovery, all of these hassles can be avoided and considerable time ands money saved.


Recovering Stolen Vehicles without time lost in Police / Court Proceedings

Most of us are familiar with the problems of recovery procedures for stolen vehicle through the police department. These include:
– A complicated report & investigation process
– Endless wait for recovery
– Complicated document procedure for recovered vehicles
– Even if a vehicle is recovered disposing it off requires court permissions

These problems can easily be avoided with the advanced security features of TRACER which helps recover the stolen vehicle in minutes and returned to you without any bureaucratic hassles.


Post Crime Assistance

If by bad luck your Vehicle is robbed off or stolen, our highly trained and skilled staff will pick take you through all Police Report procedures and formalities.