What is Tracer

  • TRACER LTD operates a proprietary communication infrastructure that uses satellite & cellular network
  • We provide Vehicle Tracking and Recovery, Fleet Management and Asset Tracking products and services
  • We use highly effective, yet low cost deterrents and asset monitoring products
  • We have a fully pledged control centre which is manned and operational 24/7
  • It is our firm belief that these solutions can protect your family, your valuables and your business


1Vehicle Tracking and Recovery


  • This is a very useful service in the event of theft
  • Response vehicles are spread throughout the country and manned by experienced personnel
  • The system is based on GPS/GPRS/GSM technology
  • Useful information such as the position and status of the vehicle are then relayed to our server
  • This is done in GPRS format at regular preset intervals via SMS or Email
  • The vehicle is also fitted with a Distress/Emergency button which alerts the control centre when pressed
  • This system is based on “Real Time Tracking” BUT
  • In the event your vehicle is stolen, we will track & recover the vehicle, provided relevant information is received


2Fleet Management


  • Have full vision of your vehicles
  • Improve Fleet Efficiency
  • Enhance Fleet Security
  • Reduced Costs of Fleet and Its Management
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Improve Driving Behavior and Safety
  • Better route planning
  • Identify deviations from set routes
  • Identify unauthorized mileage and expenses


3Asset Tracking


  • The unit tracks your asset movements automatically, providing data in real time
  • The result is cost-effective asset management, improved asset utilization
  • The unit provides accurate, updated information about past, current and future asset locations
  • The unit is capable of tracking trailers, vehicles, individual high value boxes and provide delivery scheduling
  • These outcomes provide a sustainable improvement in profitability without burdening employees with excessive controls or reporting responsibilities