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Carjacking & Vehicle Accessories Stolen

Posted at August 3, 2012 | Categories : News,Recoveries | Comments Off on Carjacking & Vehicle Accessories Stolen

On 3rd August at 2241hrs the transport manager for one of the core clients of Tracer Ltd called the control centre reporting that one of their vehicles (Toyota Fielder) had been crajcked. The manager further stated  that the vehicle was carjacked at Mwamuto while dropping one of their clients.

The control centre upon receiving the call advised the client as a first procedure to make an official report at the nearest police station. In this case being Gigiri Police Station. As the manager was doing the necessary the tracer personnel were dispatched.

The control centre located the vehicle in Kihara Gacii_Karura road and immediately advised the force to move into that direction. The vehicles ignition was on but there was no movement. Upon recovering the vehicle the engine was running and was vandalised. The side mirrors, the head lights and the stereo system had been removed. The vehicle with the assistance of tracer personnel was driven to Gigiri police station  for further investigations. The vehicle was then released to the client.