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Stolen Vehicle

Posted at July 27, 2012 | Categories : News,Recoveries | Comments Off on Stolen Vehicle

Tracer Control Room was called by an emergency contact person of one of their clients at about 0232hrs on 27/07/2012 to report that their car had been stolen from a parking in South C where it had been parked for the past 3 days.

The client was immediately advised to make a report at the nearest police station which was at Nyayo Police Post.  While the client was making the report the control centre began with the tracking procedures and loctaed the vehicle at Ngara Estate near Citi stalls ignition being on. Police Control room was informed for reinforcement.

The personnel moved towards  the location and the car was recovered but upon arrival they noticed three people in the car who took off. They were trying to look for the gadget but were unsuccessful. The client who was at Nyayo Police Post was advised to go to the scene with the keys of the car. He arrived and was allowed to take his car. Tracer personnel escorted him to Nyayo Police Post for the cancellation of the report.