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Vehicle Hired and Carjacked

Posted at July 18, 2012 | Categories : News,Recoveries | Comments Off on Vehicle Hired and Carjacked

Client Eric Mwenda called Tracer ControlRoom at about 0140hrs on 18/07/2012  to inform that he had given out the car which had been hired by three people to be dropped at Kimathi Estate. He was requesting for the car to be closely monitored as he was suspicious about the hirers. The car was monitored and went up to Kimathi.  

Eric called the driver to confirm his location as he had taken a long time to return but he didn’t answer his phone. Later the driver called Eric to inform him that he had gotten a client and was to  drop him in town. After a couple of minutes Eric decided to call the driver again but the phone had been switched off. The driver called Eric after being dumped at Kariobangi South in an uncompleted building to inform of the incident.

Our control centre received a call from Eric (The Client) and were breifed on the situation. They immediately commenced with the tracking procedures and picked up a signal at Umoja near Plan B. The client was advised to make an official report at the nearest police station and give us the reference OB number as Tracer team moves in to track and recover the car.

The vehicle moved towards Dandora phase 5 near Apostolic Faith Church, the tracking team with four police officers from Buruburu Police station were directed to that location and they recovered the vehicle. The vehicle was abandoned at the said location locked but there were no ignition keys.

Drivers Statement: The driver told the officers that when he left Umoja he went up to Kimathi Estate where the hirers informed him to stop as they had reached their destination. As they reached one of them drew a pistol and ordered him to the rear seat and one of them took over the driver’s seat and drove off to an unknown destination and stopped at a petrol station where they fueled. And after fuelling they tied him with one of the safety belt they had cut from the car and abandoned him in the building. He managed to untie himself and sought help from a motorbike rider who was passing by to call Eric and inform him of the incident.