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Vehicle Robbed Off & Hijacked

Posted at June 21, 2012 | Categories : News,Recoveries | 0 Comment

Tracer Control received a call at about 2307hrs on 21/06/2012 to find out if a certain vehilce Toyota Kluger silver in colour had a car tracking gadget installed by Tracer. The gentleman inquiring was asked if there was any problem since his name was not among the contact persons in case of an emergency. He informed that the car had been carjacked within Ruiru at about 2057hrs and he knew the client but didn’t have more information.

The client and his wife were returning from their offices situated at Ruiru town, when they reached the gate to the residence in two cars they were accosted by about 7 man gang armed with pistols. They ordered them into one car, also entered the house took hostage two house helpers and two daughters and then drove off to the coffee plantation where they were left with 4 armed thugs while the others drove off to unknown location.

Our Control Centre immediately commenced with the tracking process and picked a signal from the vehicle which indicated that it was moving to Kasarani, then to Thika road moving towards City Centre. The car was noted to be moving very fast as it passed Muthaiga. The tracking team was informed of the movement and they all started moving towards City Centre. Central Police patrol car was alerted and moved towards Railways roundabout but the car passed before they reached. The vehicle joined Mombasa road and all the tracking mobiles were informed as it was moving towards Mlolongo heading up to Mombasa.

 At about 0030hrs the car ignition went off and the tracking team who were in constant communication with the police officers who were at the road block informed control the car had been intercepted, the tracking team arrived at the location which was a few kilometers from Salama town towards Mombasa.

Control room was informed that two occupants of the car had been arrested. The client contact person was informed and left headed towardsthe location. On arrival at Kyumvi Police station where the car was brought he recognized one of the thugs as the thug had stolen a Nissan Xtrail from the client sometime last month. However at Ruiru a team of friends and relatives were combing the Ruiru area in search of the carjacked persons. Control room was given a telephone number of one of the persons and they managed to direct them into a coffee plantation where the car had stopped for sometime and suspected the family and workers could have been abandoned. They arrived called the names of the victims but there was no response. At about 0700hrs control room called one of the contact to find out if the victims of the carjacking had been located and he confirmed that they had been located and they said they heard them being called earlier but could not respond as they were being held at gun point. They went to Ruiru police station to record a statement.