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Stolen Motor Vehicle

Posted at June 23, 2014 | Categories : News,Recoveries | Comments Off on Stolen Motor Vehicle

At around 0647hrs on 22/6/2014, Tracer Control Room received a call from one of its clients reporting their vehicle had been stolen while under the custody of his driver. The vehicle was stolen from the driver while parked in Buruburu. Client was immediately advised to report the same to Buruburu Police Station.

While the client was making the report the control center began with the tracking procedures and Tracer personnel were deployed. The vehicle was being monitored as it was heading towards Mihango area, off which later was parked in the same area.

With the help of local authorities from Ruai police station, vehicle was recovered in the same location it was parked. Client was informed on the recovery and was advised to proceed to the location to finish up the final process with the local authorities.