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Vehicle Stolen From Residence

Posted at May 13, 2014 | Categories : News,Recoveries | Comments Off on Vehicle Stolen From Residence

Tracer Control Room while monitoring noted that there was a vehicle moving at very high speed along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on 12/05/2014 at 0335 hours.

Control room monitored the vehicle for a few minutes and then suspected it to be suspicious as it diverted off the main highway and joined the Mahi Mahiu road. Immediatelty they called the client, upon calling the client he said he had given the vehicle on hire and was not aware the car was to go out of Nairobi.

The client was advised to call the hirer and confirm. Upon calling the hirer he told the client that he had parked the car outside his residence, but when was asked to go and check on the vehicle confirmed that it was missing. The client then called control room and confirmed it was missing. Control room advised the client to make an official police report at the nearest station and then avail control room with the police OB reference number.

While the client was reporting the matter at the police station tracer began with the tracking procedures and asked the Naivasha highway patrol unit to assist. The vehicle diverted off the main Nairobi-Nakuru highway near the weigh bridge moved into Gilgil town then joined Gilgil-Ol Kalou road and moved about 950metres then the ignition went off.

The personnel moved towards the location and recovered the vehicle. The ignition had been tampered by the suspects. The car was driven to Gilgil Police station. Client was called and informed and was ask to proceed there. Vehicle was handed over to the client after clearance with Gilgil Police Station in conjunction with Buruburu Police Station as client had reported to Buruburu Police Station.