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Truck Stolen & Impound of Goods in Eldoret

Posted at December 25, 2012 | Categories : News,Recoveries | Comments Off on Truck Stolen & Impound of Goods in Eldoret

On 25/12/2012 at about 1430hrs Tracer Control Centre received a call from one of the clients informing that the vehicle had been stolen from the driver while in Eldoret town en route to Mombasa loaded with bags of tea.

As a default procedure the client is always advised to make a report to the nearest police station. As controlled checked on the vehicle location, vehicle location was eldoret therefore client had to report to eldoret police station as the tracking team gets dispatched.

The Operations manager communicated with the eldoret police as well and directed them to where the vehicle was. The vehicle was near the Institute of Applied Sciences parked. Upon the police reaching the scene the vehicle was actually abondoned and bags of tea were missing. 

The tracking team upon arrival checked the movement history of the vehicle with the control centre and located that the vehicle had diverted off the main road in one of the areas and was parked for a pretty long time before beginning journey again. The tracking team moved with officers into that location to do further investigations. The location where this vehicle had diverted too was a godown around Huruma Estate.